Margaret Halsey - Works


  • With Malice Toward Some (1938)
  • Some of My Best Friends Are Soldiers (1944)
  • Color Blind: A White Woman Looks at the Negro (1946)
  • The Folks at Home (1952)
  • This demi-paradise : a Westchester diary (1960)
  • The Pseudo-Ethic: A Speculation on American Politics and Morals (1963)
  • No Laughing Matter: The Autobiography of a WASP (1977)

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    It is the art of mankind to polish the world, and every one who works is scrubbing in some part.
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    Every man is in a state of conflict, owing to his attempt to reconcile himself and his relationship with life to his conception of harmony. This conflict makes his soul a battlefield, where the forces that wish this reconciliation fight those that do not and reject the alternative solutions they offer. Works of art are attempts to fight out this conflict in the imaginative world.
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