Marchand is a frequent surname in France and in Quebec (French word for merchant).

The surname may refer to:

  • Albert Gallatin Marchand (1811–1848), Democratic member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Pennsylvania
  • Bertrand Marchand (born 1953), French soccer trainer
  • Brad Marchand (born 1988), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Colette Marchand (born 1925), French dancer and actress
  • Christophe Marchand (born 1972), French freestyle swimmer
  • David Marchand (1776–1832), member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Pennsylvania
  • Félix-Gabriel Marchand (1832–1900), Canadian journalist, author, and politician in Quebec
  • Felix Jacob Marchand (1846–1928), German pathologist
  • Inga Marchand (born 1978), better known as Foxy Brown, an American rapper
  • Jackie Marchand, television writer and producer
  • Jean Marchand, (1918–1988), French Canadian trade unionist and politician
  • Jean-Baptiste Marchand (1863–1934), French emissary in Africa
  • Jean Gabriel Marchand (1765–1851), French general under Napoleon
  • Jean Hippolyte Marchand, (1883–1941), French painter
  • Jean-Paul Marchand (born 1944), former member of the Canadian House of Commons and a professor
  • Joseph Marchand (1803–1835), one of the Vietnamese Martyrs
  • Louis Marchand (1669–1732), French virtuoso organist and harpsichordist
  • Louis-Joseph-Narcisse Marchand (1791–1876), Napoleon's first valet
  • Leonard Marchand (born 1933), former Canadian politician
  • Meche Marchand or Rivka Marchand, Jewish actress and author
  • Nancy Marchand (1928–2000), American actress
  • Pierre Marchand (born 1958), Canadian musician and record producer
  • Richard Marchand, Canadian artist
  • Romany Marie Marchand (1885–1961), Greenwich Village restaurateur
  • Steve Marchand (born 1974), current mayor of Portsmouth, New Hampshire
  • Xavier Marchand, (born 1973), former French medley swimmer