Mapungubwe Museum

The Mapungubwe Museumat the University of Pretoria houses the national treasures of Mapungubwe, South Africa, a 13th century Iron Age site in the Limpopo Valley and a World Heritage Site. Gold ornaments, ivory, bone, ceramic-ware, clay figurines, trade beads, iron and copper artifacts are on permanent public display.

The University of Pretoria has been the custodian and owner of this magnificent archaeological collection since its discovery in 1933, and the museum was opened in June 2000. This unique archaeological museum serves for educational, tourism, training, and academic and research purposes. The Museum reflects the cultural significance and diversity of an early African trade kingdom. The Mapungubwe Collection has been highly valued for six decades for its archaeological uniqueness, cultural richness and historical importance.

Part of the collection is loaned to the Mapungubwe Interpretation Center in Mapungubwe.

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