Manila Headline

Manila Headline is the number 1 leading Filipino-American Community Newspaper since 1991. The paper is based in Houston, TX, home of over 100,000 Filipinos, but also circulated all over Texas and with subscribers all over the U.S. National clients search for a market with Filipinos in Texas and trust this publication to expose their business in every direction necessary to guarantee an increase of income. Manila Headline is the only Filipino-Community Newspaper to be distributed all over Texas. Manila Headline distributes 10,000 copies in the greater Houston and surrounding areas and maintains a regular circulation to Rio Grande Vally, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas and more.

Manila Headline was established by Owner and Publisher Ricardo B. Ilanga, Jr.. Ric introduced many new businesses to the Filipino Community of Houston and maintained the paper as a Community Service to help his fellow "kababayans" communicate with one another through his paper. Ric and the current Editor-In-Chief Jimmy Viray were the masterminds in creating a paper that would provide readers with current up to date news in the Philippines. Ric's wide variety of businesses from telecommunication, satellite, real estate, entertainment, Nursing School and more left him with no time for the paper. He then turned over the operation to his son Eric M. Ilanga, who is currently the Publisher & President. Ricardo B. Ilanga, Jr. died on May 24, 2009 and left his legacy as the founder of Manila Headline.

      • Manila Headline is published fortnightly by Manila Headline, Inc. with an office located in Southwest Houston, Texas.

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