Manila Broadcasting Company

Manila Broadcasting Company (PSE: MBC) is a radio and television network owned by the FJE Group of Companies in the Philippines. Its AM flagship station, DZRH is the oldest radio station in the country while its FM flagship station, Love Radio is the current #1 station in FM radio ratings in Metro Manila and several key cities.

MBC's corporate headquarters and studios are located at MBC Building, Sotto St., CCP Complex, Pasay City. The current president is Ruperto Nicdao Jr.

MBC owns over 500 radio stations throughout the Philippines and the largest radio network in Asia. The company has seven different brands and most well known of which are DZRH Nationwide, Aksyon Radyo, Love Radio, Yes FM, Hot FM, Easy Rock, and Radyo Natin. The number "500" is in question as according to the NTC, there are only 580 licensed FM stations and 375 AMs in the country.

Aside from radio, it has returned into TV broadcasting with its cable TV channel (RHTV, or DZRH Television) and five regional TV channels (TV Natin, or Radyo Natin Television).

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