Manila-Cavite Expressway

Manila-Cavite Expressway

The Manila-Cavite Expressway (CAVITEx) or also known as Aguinaldo Boulevard is a 14 km (8.7 mi) tollway/expressway in the Philippines. It is considered part of the Radial Road 1 (R-1) of Metro Manila. It is owned and operated by the Public Estates Authority Tollway Corporation (PEATC), a government owned and / or owned corporation and a subsidiary of the Public Estates Authority, an office under the Office of the President. It is also nicknamed the Coastal Road because of its vicinity to the Manila Bay.

At the north end, it feeds into and from Roxas Boulevard in the city of ParaƱaque in Metro Manila, also part of R-1. At the south end, it connects to Kawit, Cavite

In 2011, the extension going to Kawit, Cavite, which is named as CAVITEX, is already open to the public, where it will eventually connect to C-6, the now-under-construction Bulacan-Rizal-Manila-Cavite Regional Expressway and to the proposed Cavite-Laguna Expressway. Meanwhile, when the C-5 circumferential road and the NAIA Expressway is extended southward, it will also eventually be connected to the expressway as well. It will be the street alignment of the Manila LRT Yellow Line South Extension when completed in Paranaque City. It will have 2 stations, namely: Asia World and Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

There are currently no true interchanges along this tollway (although there are a number of at-grade "exit points" along the northbound length, mostly property access), and there is a single toll barrier about midway. Vehicles are charged a flat toll rate based on class. Though the toll facility currently has no ability for electronic toll collection, PEATC is currently researching its viability for the expressway.

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