Manger Square

Manger Square (Arabic: ميدان المهد‎) is an important city square in the center of Bethlehem. It takes its name from the manger where Jesus is said to have been born which, according to Christian dogma, is in the Church of the Nativity, possibly the oldest existing church in the world, which surrounds the square. Also around Manger Square is the Mosque of Omar (the city's only mosque) and the Palestinian Peace Center. Streets with names connected to Jesus, including Star Street and Nativity Street, lead into the Square.

In 1998-1999 the square was renovated to relieve the traffic congestion and currently is pedestrian only. It is mainly a meeting place for locals and for the town's many pilgrims. There are rows of Celtis australis that provide shade to its people with benches and fountains made of white yellowish Naqab marble below.

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Famous quotes containing the words manger and/or square:

    The heavenly Babe you there shall find
    To human view displayed,
    All meanly wrapped in swaddling bands
    And in a manger laid.
    Nahum Tate (1652–1715)

    I would say it was the coffin of a midget
    Or a square baby
    Were there not such a din in it.
    Sylvia Plath (1932–1963)