Maestro de Campo Island - Local Government

Local Government

The following are the elected officials of Concepcion for the term 2010-2013:

Position Official
Mayor Hon. Lemuel F. Cipriano (Lakas Kampi CMD)
Vice-Mayor Hon. Felipe F. Ferriol (Lakas Kampi CMD)
  • Jasmin F. Familaran (Lakas Kampi CMD)
  • Monico F. Firmalan Jr. (NP)
  • Rainer F. Feudo (Lakas Kampi CMD)
  • Diosdado F. Atillano (Lakas Kampi CMD)
  • Jessie F. Abainza (NP)
  • Neil M. Falculan (NP)
  • Joseph S. Fetesio (Lakas Kampi CMD)
  • Vidal F. Ferrancullo (NP)

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