Madden NFL 07 - Franchise Mode Issues

Franchise Mode Issues

While simulating years in Franchise Mode, Defensive players attributes gradually drop while offensive players rise. Most notably on defense, the linebackers and defensive lineman show the largest decreases, while on offense the offensive line and wide receivers show the largest increases.

Players have found a glitch enabling them to get several achievements in the Xbox 360 version of the game. By choosing each team in the league then simulating all the games, they can gain Madden level achievements, Season Record achievements, and Game Record achievements without playing a single game. Most if not all of the achievements can be gained in this way. EA has not provided any updates to fix this issue.

Another changed detail doesn't affect the game, but the concession Beer has been replaced by Coffee, since it is an E rated game. Seattle, which originally served coffee, now serves 2 coffees, both with different pictures and prices.

Another trick that can be employed works usually for most players. The user simply changes the position of a player, usually causing his overall rating to heavily decrease. The user trades for that player, who's grade may have been an A+ but now is an F, and changes back to the original position. The same can be done to re-sign players to smaller contracts. These two issues began in Madden NFL 06 and remain to this day in Madden NFL 13.

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