Lyssa Drak - Fictional Character Biography

Fictional Character Biography

Little is known about the enigmatic Lyssa Drak except that she is from Talok IV, one of the three inhabitable worlds in the Talokian star system in Sector 3500 that Lydea Mallor (Talok VIII), Lyrissa Mallor (Talok VIII), Shadow Lass (Talok VIII) and Mikaal Tomas (Talok III) hail from. How she came to be a member of the Sinestro Corps, which is based in the anti-matter universe on the planet of Qward, is unknown, though it can be assumed she was recruited by Sinestro himself.

Drak is also involved in the training of prospective Sinestro soldiers. Once a corpsmen has finished the physical training and was judged by Arkillo, the Sinestro Corps drill sergeant, to be ready for the next phase of training, the new recruit would have their yellow power ring drained of energy and they would enter a Fear Lodge. Within the dark confines of the Fear Lodge, the recruit would have to face their fears and embrace them in order to recharge their ring. If a recruit succeeded, their ring would open the Fear Lodge. If the recruit failed, they would be left inside to die, either from thirst, starvation, suffocation, or suicide. Whatever the recruit's fate, Lyssa Drak was there to record their success or failure in the Book of Parallax. For reasons unknown, this tome, which holds the stories of the greatest Sinestro Corpsmen and tells stories of Despotellis, Karu-Sil, and Bedovian, was chained to Lyssa Drak with yellow energy from Sinestro himself. This was possibly for the need to have a historian for his Corps and a way for Sinestro to revisit his Corps' success. Lyssa Drak is quite loyal to Sinestro and highly devoted to updating the book and keeping it safe.

Aside from recording the history of the Sinestro Corps, Lyssa Drak also seems to have some insight as to what will take place for her corps as well. Whether this is actual knowledge of the future or simply plans intended by Sinestro remains to be seen.

When introducing herself to Amon Sur, Drak hinted that she had the ability to sense the feelings of others. Lyssa Drak presided over Amon Sur's initiation and helped prepare him for his time in the Fear Lodge. Amon had approached Lyssa for help to purge his fear. Instead, Lyssa read from the Book of Parallax stories of other Sinestro Corps members. Afterwards, Amon entered the Fear Lodge, learned his greatest fear is the Green Lantern Hal Jordan, and successfully ignited the charge in his ring.

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