Lumen Gentium - Contents


The numbers given correspond to section numbers within the text.

  1. The Mystery of the Church (1–8)
  2. The People of God (9–17)
  3. On the Hierarchical Structure of the Church and In Particular on the Episcopate (18–29)
  4. The Laity (30–38)
  5. The Universal Call to Holiness in the Church (39–42)
  6. Religious (43–47)
  7. The Eschatological Nature of the Pilgrim Church and Its Union with the Church in Heaven (48–51)
  8. The Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God in the Mystery of Christ and the Church (52–69)
    1. Introduction (52–54)
    2. The Role of the Blessed Mother in the Economy of Salvation (55–59)
    3. On the Blessed Virgin and the Church (60–65)
    4. The Cult of the Blessed Virgin in the Church (66–67)
    5. Created Hope and Solace to the Wandering People of God (68–69)

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