Luis - List of People With The Given Name Luis

List of People With The Given Name Luis

Royalty of Portugal
  • Luís I of Portugal (1838–1889), Portuguese king
  • Infante Luis (1340-1340), first son of King Pedro I of Portugal
  • Prince Luís, Duke of Beja (1506–1555)
  • Luís Filipe, Prince Royal of Portugal (1887–1908)
  • Luis Alberto González, Colombian cyclist
  • Luis Alberto Pérez, Nicaraguan boxer
  • Luis Alberto Pérez-Rionda, Cuban runner
  • Luis Suárez, Uruguayan football player
  • Luis Amaranto Perea, Colombian football player
  • Luiz Antonio dos Santos, Brazilian long-distance runner
  • Luis Antonio Jiménez, Chilean football player
  • Luis Aragonés, Spanish football player and manager
  • Luiz Azeredo, Brazilian mixed martial arts fighter
  • Luis Caballero, Paraguayan football player
  • Lluís Carreras, Spanish football player
  • Luis Antonio Castillo, Dominican baseball player
  • Luis Alberto Castillo, Dominican-American football player
  • Luis Cristaldo, Bolivian football player
  • Luis de Milán, Spanish composer
  • Luis Díaz, Venezuelan volleyball player
  • Luis Dutra Jr., Brazilian mixed martial arts fighter
  • Luis Enrique Martínez García, Spanish football player and manager
  • Luis Ernesto Guzmán, Honduran football player
  • Luis Ernesto José, Dominican boxer
  • Luis Ernesto Michel, Mexican football goalkeeper
  • Luís Fabiano, Brazilian football player
  • Luis Fernando Suárez, Colombian football player and manager
  • Luís Figo, Portuguese football player
  • Luiz Felipe Scolari, Brazilian football player and manager
  • Luis García Sanz, Spanish football player
  • Luis Galván, Argentine football player
  • Luis Gonzalez, Cuban-American baseball player
  • Luiz Gustavo, Brazilian football player
  • Luis Manuel Rodríguez, Cuban boxer
  • Luis Marín, Costa Rican football player
  • Luís Martins, Portuguese football player
  • Luis Monti, Italian and Argentine football player and manager
  • Luís Novo, Portuguese long-distance runner
  • Luis Olmo, Puerto Rican baseball player
  • Luis Onmura, Brazilian judoka
  • Luis Ortiz, Puerto Rican boxer
  • Luis Palomino, Peruvian mixed martial arts fighter
  • Luis Pizarro, Puerto Rican boxer
  • Luis Orlando Rodríguez, Venezuelan baseball player
  • Luis Rodríguez, Puerto Rican volleyball player Luis Rodríguez
  • Luis Salvadores Salvi, Chilean basketball player
  • Luís Santos, Brazilian water polo goalkeeper
  • Luis Soares, Portuguese-French long-distance runner
  • Luis Somoza Debayle, former president of Nicaragua
  • Luis Suárez Miramontes, Spanish football player and manager
  • Luis Terrero, Dominican baseball player
  • Luis Tiant, Cuban-American baseball player
  • Luis Villar, Argentine basketball player
  • Luis Villarroel, Venezuelan diver
  • Luis Vizcaíno, Dominican baseball player
Arts and entertainment
  • Luis Antonio Ramos, Puerto Rican actor
  • Luis Antonio Rivera, Puerto Rican television host
  • Luis Buñuel, Spanish film director
  • Lluís Claret, Andorran cellist
  • Luiz Ejlli, Albanian singer
  • Luis Enrique, Nicaraguan singer
  • Luis Fernando Vager, Puerto Rican musician and producer
  • Luis Fonsi, Puerto Rican singer
  • Luis Gatica, Mexican-Chilean-Puerto Rican actor and singer
  • Luiz Gonzaga, Brazilian singer
  • Luis Guzmán, a Puerto Rican actor
  • Luis Roberto Guzmán, a Puerto Rican actor
  • Lluís Llach, Catalan composer
  • Luis Miguel, Mexican singer
  • Luis Oquendo, Cuban actor
  • Luis "Perico" Ortiz, Puerto Rican musician
  • Luis Segura, Dominican singer
  • Luis Vargas, Dominican singer
  • Luis Vigoreaux Lorenzana, Puerto Rican television host
  • Luis Vigoreaux Rivera, Puerto Rican television host
  • Luis Alberto de Herrera, Uruguayan politician
  • Luis Alberto Ferré Aguayo, former Governor of Puerto Rico (1969–1973)
  • Luis Alberto Lacalle, former president of Uruguay
  • Luis Ángel González Macchi, former president of Paraguay
  • Lluís Companys i Jover, Catalan politician
  • Luis Conrado Batlle y Berres, former president of Uruguay
  • Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, President of Brazil
  • Luis María del Corazón de Jesús Dionisio Argaña Ferraro, Paraguayan politician
  • Luis R. Esteves, Major General, Puerto Rican-American military leader
  • Luis Fortuño, Governor of Puerto Rico (2009–present)
  • Luis Gutiérrez, Puerto Rican-American political leader
  • Luis Mangalus Taruc, Filipino politician
  • Luis Muñoz Marín, first democratically elected governor of Puerto Rico
  • Luis Muñoz Rivera, Puerto Rican politician and father of Luis Muñoz Marín
  • Luis Llorens Torres, Puerto Rican playwright and poet
  • Luis López Nieves, Puerto Rican writer
  • Luis Palés Matos, Puerto Rican author
  • Luis F. Alvarez, Spanish-American physician (grandfather of Luis W. Alvarez)
  • Luis W. Álvarez, Spanish-American physcist, winner of the 1968 Nobel Prize in Physics
  • Luis Aponte Martínez, Puerto Rican religious leader
  • Luis E. Arreaga, Guatemalan-American diplomat
  • Luis Carrillo, Spanish colonial administrator
  • Luis de Moscoso Alvarado, Spanish explorer and conquistador
  • Lluís Domènech i Montaner, Catalan architect
  • Luis Enríquez de Guzmán, 9th Count of Alba de Liste, Spanish nobleman
  • Luis Jacob, Peruvian-Canadian visual artists and photographer
  • Luis Muñoz de Guzmán, a Spanish colonial administrator
  • Luis González Vale, Puerto Rican historian
  • Luis Guinot, Puerto Rican-American diplomat
  • Luiz Gushiken, Brazilian communications minister
  • Luis Lliboutry, French-Chilean glaciologist
  • Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald, fictional character on NBC's daytime drama Passions
  • Luis Marden, American photographer
  • Luis Miranda Casañas, Puerto Rican businessman
  • Luis Née, explorer, botanist, discovered Coast Live Oak in California
  • Luis Padial, Puerto Rican military leader
  • Luis Posada Carriles, Cuban militant
  • Luis Rafael Sánchez, Puerto Rican playwright
  • Luis Sera, a character in Resident Evil 4

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