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Capos and Soldiers

  • Capo – Louis "Louie" Caruso – Currently lives in Arizona and owns an air conditioning company.
  • Soldier – Stephen Anthony "Steve the Whale" Cino – Originally from Buffalo, New York and a member of the Buffalo crime family. Cino has an arrest record dating back to 1962 which included robbery, extortion, bank fraud and bribing a union official. Switched to the Los Angeles family and was put in the Nevada Black Book in 1997. Was incarcerated on extortion charges, but was acquitted for involvement in the Herbie Blitzstein murder. Was released in 2008.
  • Soldier – John Joseph Vaccaro Jr. – Has a criminal history dating back to 1971. In 1985 he was convicted in federal court for being the mastermind of a sophisticated slot cheating ring which stole millions of dollars from Nevada casinos. Was convicted along with his wife Sandra Kay Vaccaro and both are in the Nevada Black Book. Was incarcerated in Mississippi for another gaming offense involving members of the New Orleans crime family in the 2000s, but was released in 2003. Vaccaro is currently a resident of Las Vegas and owns his own company "Four Square Construction/Roofing".
  • Soldier – Rocco James "Bigfoot" Zangari – Was a Palm Springs resident. Once managed a card room for the Cabazon Indian tribe in Riverside, California. Moved to Buffalo, New York and is currently inactive in the family.
  • Soldier – Michael "Porno Mike" Esposito – Michael Esposito owns the porn production and distribution company Gentlemen's Video. His father, Salvatore Esposito, was a driver for former Lucchese family boss Anthony Corallo.
  • Soldier – Robert George "Fat Bobby" Paduano – Was a member of Michael Rizzitello's crew in the 1980s. Was arrested along with many members in the late 1980s, but is still currently active in Orange County as a loan shark. During the 1980s he was accused of trying to take over the narcotic trafficking in Newport Beach.
  • Soldier – Paulo "Paulie Tattoos" Rossi – Owns a tattoo parlor and runs an illegal sports betting business.
  • Soldier – Leonard "Limping Lenny" Montana Jr. – Son of actor Lenny Montana, "Limping Lenny" is a bookie and owns "Enzo's Pizzeria" in Westwood.

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