Lord Jim - Allusions and References To Lord Jim in Other Works

Allusions and References To Lord Jim in Other Works

  • Jim's ill-fated ship, the Patna, is also mentioned in Jorge Luis Borges' short story "The Immortal". (Note that Patna becomes Patria with a bit of paint peeled from the "n".)
  • In a Sunday Peanuts strip, Lucy sees Snoopy carrying around a "This Is National Dog Week" sign, and asks him several questions including "Did a dog write Lord Jim?" – at which Snoopy gets annoyed.
  • The Disney motion picture, Spooner, used the story of Lord Jim as a shadow and point of comparison for the dilemmas faced by the movie's main character, Harry Spooner/Michael Norlan (played by Robert Urich).
  • Lord Jim is the name of a boat, and subsequently the nickname of the boat's owner, Richard Blake, in Penelope Fitzgerald's Booker Prize-winning novel Offshore.
  • Martin Levin published a review of Jimmy Carter's Palestine Peace Not Apartheid entitled "Lord Jimmy," in the Globe and Mail, Jan. 27, 2007.
  • The character Bat Kilgallen from the film Only Angels Have Wings has a story similar to Jim's.
  • Author Allan C. Weisbecker brings up "Lord Jim" several times throughout In Search of Captain Zero as he compares Lord Jim to the elusive protagonist of his own book.
  • Lieutenant Thomas Keefer in Herman Wouk's The Caine Mutiny compares himself to the main character in Lord Jim.
  • In Alien 3 the spaceship that arrives at the end of the film is named the Patna. This continues a tradition of naming ships in the Alien franchise after vessels in Conrad's works.

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