Lord Humongous

Lord Humongous is a professional wrestling character who was introduced in Memphis' Continental Wrestling Association by "Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart as a heel to challenge the long-time dominant Jerry "the King" Lawler. The original Lord Humongous (drawn from a character in the movie The Road Warrior) debuted in 1984 and was portrayed by the physically massive Mike Stark, who is currently the strength coach for the University of Memphis football team. The character has since been portrayed by wrestlers such as Sid Eudy and Barry Buchanan (later known, respectively, as Sid Vicious and Bull Buchanan). He has also been portrayed by Sid Eudy's son, Gunnar.

The name, and the idea for the look of Lord Humongous came from the film The Road Warrior, where the character leads a gang of bloodthirsty bandits. The look was also seen later in Atari's arcade game Pit-Fighter as "The Masked Warrior."

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