Long War Journal - Traffic and Use

Traffic and Use

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported in November 2007 that The Long War Journal was getting between 10,000 and 20,000 views each day. In 2008, the Columbia Journalism Review reported that The Long War Journal website was receiving about 6,000 daily visitors.

As of June 2011, the site ranked 91,493 on Alexa. The site's rank in the United States was 25,177 and 20,141 in Pakistan. According to Alexa, 984 other sites linked to The Long War Journal's site.

Quantcast, in June 2011, estimated that the site received an average of 12,000 visitors a day for the preceding one year period. According to Quantcast estimation, 67% of the site's visitors are male, 84% are caucasian, and 67% are attending or have graduated from college.

The Long War Journal has been used as a source by media organizations or quoted in press publications including the New York Times (two of which were on the newspaper's front page), Reuters, Associated Press, United Press International, Sunday Times, The Hindu, Cable News Network, the Times of India, The Australian, CTC Sentinel, Time, The Nation, Washington Times, and The Atlantic. Marc Thiessen used the journal as a source in a March 15, 2011 opinion piece for the Washington Post. Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Thomas E. Ricks cited Long War Journal reporter Nathan Webster in Ricks' Iraq-related book, The Gamble.

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