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  • The 1955 film Kentucky Rifle gravitates around a trail wagon containing one hundred longrifles. The gun, which is actually the main star of that movie, is displayed under every angle and is even the object of lyric descriptive monologues by veteran actor Chill Wills.
  • On the show Antiques Roadshow an 1810 Kentucky Rifle was appraised at $20,000
  • The 1826 novel by James Fenimore Cooper The Last of the Mohicans (and the films based on it) features a longrifle wielding character Hawkeye (played in the 1992 film by Daniel Day-Lewis) who is nicknamed by other characters as Le Longue Carabine ("LongRifle")
  • The Kentucky Longrifle was featured in the fifth episode of History Channel's reality television show Top Shot.
  • The rifle was used by George Washington's forces in the first episode of the third season Deadliest Warrior.

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