L'Officiel Du Jeu Scrabble - Suppressed Words

Suppressed Words

  • ODS 2 : DISCUTAILLEE, S (transitive verb), ECLOSAI-T/AIENT (wrong conjugated forms of ECLORE), EINSTENIUM, S (wrong spelling of EINSTEINIUM) ; GARDIANNE,S (wrong spelling of GARDIANE) ; GEWURTZTRAMINER (wrong spelling of GEWURZTRAMINER) ; IMMUNOGLOBINE, S (wrong spelling of IMMUNOGLOBULINE) ; SUISSESSE, S (considered as a proper noun), THEPHILLIM (wrong spelling of TEPHILLIM).
  • ODS 3 : BAGAGERIE, S (registered trademark) ; CHAUVISS-AIENT/AIS/AIT/ANT/EZ/ONS (wrong conjugated forms of CHAUVIR) ; COINTREAU, X (registered trademark) ; DRELINS (becomes invariable) ; DRINGS (becomes invariable) ; PIERRADE, S (registered trademark) ; REVEUILLI-EZ/ONS et VEUILLI-EZ/ONS (wrong conjugated forms of REVOULOIR) ; WILLIAMINE,S (registered trademark).
  • ODS 4 : SEPTICOPYOEMIE, S (wrong spelling of SEPTICOPYOHEMIE).
  • ODS 5 : CAROMS (wrong spelling of CARROM).

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