LMS may refer to:

  • Lawrence Mark "Larry" Sanger, co-founder of Wikipedia
  • Labeled magnitude scale, a scaling technique
  • Lady Manners School, a seventeenth century comprehensive school in Bakewell, England.
  • Lancaster Mennonite School, a school located in Lancaster, PA.
  • Last man standing (gaming), a gametype featured in several computer and video games
  • Last Man Standing Coop, a Doom 3 cooperative-play modification
  • Latin Mass Society, a Roman Catholic organisation promoting the traditional Latin Mass
  • Le Mans Series, a European sports car racing series
  • Leamington Spa railway station, England; National Rail station code LMS
  • Learning management system, software used in education
  • Least mean squares filter, an adaptive filter algorithm for digital signal processing
  • Leiomyosarcoma, a rare form of cancer
  • Lenz microphthalmia syndrome
  • Library management system; synonym for integrated library system (ILS)
  • Licentiate in Medicine and Surgery; taken to mean the equivalent of "licensed medical surgeon"
  • Like My Status; a common prefix used on statuses on Facebook where the writer of the status implies
    that something will happen if one of their friends were to "like" it
  • Linear multistep method, a class of methods for approximating solutions to differential equations
  • LMS, a hip hop band made of children of reggae artist Denroy Morgan
  • LMS color space
  • LMS International, an engineering software and services company based in Leuven, Belgium
  • Local Management of Schools, the financial procedures established for schools in England and Wales by
    the Education Reform Act 1988
  • Local Mitigation Strategy
  • Location Message Service
  • Logistics Management System, a system that aims to provide the means to acquire and deliver material
    and human resources
  • London Mathematical Society
  • London, Midland and Scottish Railway
  • London Missionary Society
  • Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook, a rugby league footballer for St. Helens RLFC
  • Lord Mayor's Show, one of the longest established and best known annual events in London which dates back to 1535.
  • Logitech Media Server, streaming audio server software