Live 'n' Kickin'

Live 'n' Kickin' is a live album by the power trio West, Bruce and Laing, released in 1974. It was the band's final album, as their disbanding was announced shortly before its release.

The album is noteworthy in that three of its four songs were not released in studio versions by the band. Specifically:

  • "Play With Fire" is a cover version of a song originally written and performed by The Rolling Stones, although West, Bruce and Laing's rendition uses the music for "Love is Worth the Blues," a song they previously wrote and recorded for their 1972 debut album.
  • "Politician" is a cover of a song Jack Bruce originally wrote and performed with his previous band Cream.
  • "Powerhouse Sod" is a previously-unreleased song featuring a bass guitar solo by Bruce. While credited to West, Bruce and Laing, Jack Bruce is likely the song's primary author, as the song had been played by Bruce with other bands prior to West, Bruce and Laing (for example, a live recording of it from 1971 is included on Jack Bruce's Spirit boxed set).

Live 'n' Kickin' peaked at #165 on the Billboard U.S. album chart.

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