List of Yu-Gi-Oh! Episodes - Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster World (1998) Episode List

Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster World (1998) Episode List

Ep# Episode Title Original Airdate
1 "The Furious Battle - A Shadow Game"
(激烈バトル 闇のゲーム)
1998 Apr 04
2 "The Devil Gamer - The Trap of Hell"
(悪魔ゲーマー 地獄の罠)
1998 Apr 11
3 "Clash! The Strongest Monster"
(激突! 最強のモンスター)
1998 Apr 18
4 "Theft! The Super Legendary Rare Watch"
(強奪! 超幻の激レア時計)
1998 Apr 25
5 "Now Revealed!! Yugi's Secret"
(今暴かれる!! 遊戯の秘密)
1998 May 02
6 "Desperate Situation!! The Passionate Battle of Friendship."
(絶体絶命!! 熱き友情決戦)
1998 May 09
7 "The Underhanded Digital Pet Rebellion"
1998 May 16
8 "The Four Game Masters Finally Move Out"
(ゲーム四天王 ついに動く)
1998 May 23
9 "Explosion - The Ultimate Secret Yo-Yo Technique"
(炸裂 ヨーヨー 究極の秘技)
1998 May 30
10 "The Pressing Beautiful Teacher - The Secret Mask"
(迫る美人教師 秘密の仮)
1998 Jun 06
11 "The Rumored Capmon - It's a New Arrival"
(噂のカプモン 新登場だぜ)
1998 Jun 13
12 "The Extremely Lucky Enemy - The Invincible Legend"
(強運を呼ぶ敵 不敗の神話)
1998 Jun 20
13 "Target the Schoolgirls - The Fangs of Great Prophecies"
(女生徒を狙う 大予言の牙)
1998 Jun 27
14 "In a Bomb Game - The Worst Date"
(爆破ゲームで 最悪デート)
1998 Jul 04
15 "An Eerie Woman!! Unable to Transform"
(怖〜い女!! 変身できない)
1998 Jul 11
16 "Turnabout by a Hair's Breadth - The White-Robed Crisis"
(イッパツ逆転 白衣の危機)
1998 Jul 18
17 "A Last Minute Match - The Model that Invites"
(ギリギリ勝負 誘うモデル)
1998 Jul 25
18 "In a Forbidden Game - Don't Make a Move"
(禁断ゲームに 手を出すな)
1998 Aug 01
19 "The Great Melee!! A Popularity Contest"
(大乱戦!! 人気コンテスト)
1998 Aug 08
20 "It Came Out!! The Strongest and Final Trump Card"
(出た!! 最強最後の切り札)
1998 Aug 15
21 "Complete!! The Ultimate Game Land"
(完成!! 究極のゲームランド)
1998 Aug 22
22 "Tear - The Borderline Shooting"
(破れ 限界 シューティング)
1998 Aug 29
23 "The Capmon King! The Showdown for the Top!!"
(カプモン王! 頂上決戦!!)
1998 Sep 05
24 "Now! The Time of Decision - The Miracle Friendship"
(今! 決着の時 奇跡の友情)
1998 Sep 19
25 "A New Development - The Handsome Boy who Attacks"
(新たなる展開 襲う美少年)
1998 Sep 26
26 "Rival Clash - The Greatest Crisis"
(ライバル激突 最大ピンチ)
1998 Oct 03
27 "Friendship - From Legend to Myth"
(友情 伝説から神話へ)
1998 Oct 10

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