List of Yu-Gi-Oh! Episodes - Main Antagonists

Main Antagonists

Season Main Antagonist(s)
0 Yami Bakura (and as Zorc Necrophades) & Seto Kaiba (Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster World)
1 Maximillion Pegasus (Duelist Kingdom)
The Big Five (Legendary Heroes)
Mr. Crown & Duke Devlin (indirectly) (Dungeon Dice Monsters)
2 Marik Ishtar (indirectly), Yami Marik, and the Rare Hunters (Rulers of the Duel and Battle City Duels)
3 Gozaboro Kaiba, Noah Kaiba, and The Big Five (Noah's Saga)
Yami Marik (Enter the Shadow Realm)
4 The Great Leviathan (also as the Orichalcos), Dartz, and The Three Swordsman (Raphael, Alister, and Valon) (Waking the Dragons)
5 Zigfried von Schroder & Leon von Schroder (indirectly) (Grand Championship)
"Evil Alexander the Great" (Capsule Monsters)
Yami Bakura - a.k.a Zorc Necrophades, The Dark One, Thief King Bakura (under the control of Yami Bakura), and Priest Aknadin (Dawn of the Duel)

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