List of Unreleased Madonna Songs

List Of Unreleased Madonna Songs

The following is a list of songs recorded by Madonna not released commercially. Some songs have been given to other recording artists for recording.

Conditions for listing here

  • Studio quality recording by Madonna.
  • Not commercially or promotionally released by a reputable label.
  • Documented demo versions of songs not released in any form.
  • Early demo versions of released songs where there is a substantial difference to the released versions (such as completely different melody). This might normally involve early versions with different writers/producers than the released version.
  • Officially commissioned and Madonna-related professional remix not chosen for release.

Not included in this listing

  • Early demo versions or working versions of songs ultimately released where differences are not substantial (e.g. the differences relate to structure arrangement, lyrics, instrumentation).
  • Songs that Madonna co-wrote but never recorded herself.
  • Live concert recordings such as her 2004 performance of the John Lennon song "Imagine", or versions of songs used for rehearsals (or backing) for live performances.
  • Portions of cover songs/her performances on TV appearances.
  • Hearsay reports, rumors with little or no documentation.
  • Remixes not officially commissioned by Madonna and her record company, such as white label DJ mixes like "Rain" by Razor and Guido (professional or amateur).
  • Pre-Stardom songs already legally released such as "Crimes of Passion" from the album Pre-Madonna or tracks with Otto von Wernherr like "Cosmic Climb".
  • Her released guest-backing vocal appearances for artists like Peter Cetera.

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