List of Universities in The Netherlands - Research Universities

Research Universities

Research universities in the Netherlands are institutions of tertiary education that in Dutch are called universiteit. Their focus is towards academic education and scientific research. They are accredited to confer bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees. Prior to the Bologna Process, the universities granted drs. (doctorandus), mr. (for law studies) and ir. (for engineering studies) degrees, which are equal to current MBA, MA, MML or MSc degrees. The term universiteit is reserved to doctorate granting institutes in the Dutch context, and the additional qualifier "research" is hardly ever used in practice.

Name est. City Organisation Type Number of staff Number of students
Government Supported Universities (by type)
University of Amsterdam 1632 Amsterdam Public University 4,062 32,739
Academic Medical Center Amsterdam
Amsterdam University College Amsterdam
VU University Amsterdam 1880 Amsterdam Special: Christian University 2,200 18,000
VU University Medical Center Amsterdam
Amsterdam University College Amsterdam
University of Groningen 1614 Groningen Public University 5,000 26,500
University Medical Center Groningen 1797 Groningen
Leiden University 1575 Leiden Public University 3,973 17,630
Leiden University Medical Center Leiden
Maastricht University 1976 Maastricht Public University 3,000 11,463
Academic Hospital Maastricht 1974 Maastricht
University College Maastricht 2002 Maastricht
Radboud University Nijmegen 1923 Nijmegen Special: Catholic University 4,309* 17,650*
University Medical Center St Radboud Nijmegen
Erasmus University Rotterdam 1913 Rotterdam Public University 3,700 20,666
Erasmus MC Rotterdam
Tilburg University 1927 Tilburg Special: Catholic University 1,062* 11,399*
University College Tilburg 2008 Tilburg
TiasNimbas Business School 1982 Tilburg
Utrecht University 1636 Utrecht Public University 8,224 26,787
University Medical Center Utrecht 1999 Utrecht
University College Utrecht 1998 Utrecht
Roosevelt Academy 2004 Middelburg
Delft University of Technology 1842 Delft Public University of Technology 2,633‡ 13,383‡
Eindhoven University of Technology 1956 Eindhoven Public University of Technology 2,200 7100
University of Twente 1961 Enschede Public University of Technology and Social Sciences 3,000 8,500
Wageningen University and Research Centre 2000 Wageningen 6,500##
Wageningen University 1918 Wageningen Public University for life sciences 8,500
Agricultural Research Institutes throughout the Netherlands Research Institute
Hogeschool Van Hall Larenstein is a vocational university that is part of Wageningen University and Research Centre
Open University 1984 Nationwide; HQ in Heerlen Public University for distant learning 701* 16,802*
University of Curaçao 1979 Curaçao Public University of the Nation of NA
Privately Funded Universities (accredited as Universiteit by Dutch law) (by type)
Nyenrode Business Universiteit 1946 Breukelen Private University for Business Studies
Kampen Theological University 1854 Kampen Private University for Protestant Theology
Kampen Theological University of the Reformed Churches (Liberated) 1944 Kampen Private University for Protestant Theology
Apeldoorn Theological University of the Christian Reformed Churches 1894 Apeldoorn Private University for Protestant Theology
University of Humanistics 1989 Utrecht Private University for Humanistics
Universities that no longer exist
Catholic University of Utrecht 1991–2007 Utrecht Private: merged into University of Tilburg University for Catholic Theology
University of Harderwijk 1648–1811 Harderwijk disbanded by Napoleon
University of Franeker 1585–1811 Franeker disbanded by Napoleon
University of Nijmegen 1655–±1680 Nijmegen closed in the aftermath of the 1672 rampjaar
University of Theology and Pastorate 1966-1999 Heerlen Private: merged into University of Nijmegen in 1993, Heerlen location closed 1999 University for Catholic Mr. P Theology

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