List of United States Political Families (L)

List Of United States Political Families (L)

The following is an alphabetical list of political families in the United States whose last name begins with L.

Read more about List Of United States Political Families (L):  The Laffoons, The Laidleys, The Lairds, Connors, and Doyles, The Lamars, The Lambeths, The Landers, The Landis, The Landons, The Landrieus, The Lanes, The Lanes of Indiana, The Lanes of Indiana and Kansas, The Lanes of Maryland, The Lanes of North Carolina, The Langdons, The Langers and Fords, The Lanhams, The Lansings, The Lantoses and Swetts, The Larneds and Williams, The Larrabees and Loves, The Lassiters and Rives, The Latimers, The Latrobes and Swanns, The Lattas, The Laurens and Pinckneys, The Laws and Learneds, The Lawrences, The Lawrences of Louisiana and New York, The Lawrences of Pennsylvania, The Laytons, The Leas, The Leas and Phelps, The Leaches, The Leaders, The Lees, The Lees of Maryland, The LeFevers, The Lefflers, The Lehlbachs, The Lehmans, The Lenahans and O'Connells, The Lenroots, The Lesinskis, The Levis, The Levins, The Levitas, The Lewis, The Lewis of New York, The Lewis of Virginia, The Lichts, The Lincolns of Illinois, The Lincolns of New England, The Lindberghs and Lodges, The Lindsays and Rudds, The Lindsays and Winstons, The Lipinskis, The Lippitts, The Listers, The Livermores, The Lloyds, The Lockes, The Lockes and Wingos, The Lodges and Cabots, The Logans, The Logans of Illinois, The Longs, The Longleys, The Longyears, The Louds, The Lounsburys, The Lovejoys, The Lowndes, The Lowries, The Lucas, The Lucases of Virginia, The Luceys, The Lujans, The Lukens, The Lumpkins, The Lynches, The Lyons and Thayers, The Lytles and Rowans

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    Every morning I woke in dread, waiting for the day nurse to go on her rounds and announce from the list of names in her hand whether or not I was for shock treatment, the new and fashionable means of quieting people and of making them realize that orders are to be obeyed and floors are to be polished without anyone protesting and faces are to be made to be fixed into smiles and weeping is a crime.
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    Nullification ... means insurrection and war; and the other states have a right to put it down.
    Andrew Jackson (1767–1845)

    A cult is a religion with no political power.
    Tom Wolfe (b. 1931)

    For much of the female half of the world, food is the first signal of our inferiority. It lets us know that our own families may consider female bodies to be less deserving, less needy, less valuable.
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