List of UEFA Intertoto Cup Winning Managers - By Year

By Year

Final Nationality Winning manager Nationality Club Ref
1995 France Duguépéroux, JackyJacky Duguépéroux France Strasbourg
1995 Yugoslavia Muslin, SlavoljubSlavoljub Muslin France Bordeaux
1996 Germany Schäfer, WinfriedWinfried Schäfer Germany Karlsruher
1996 France Smerecki, FrancisFrancis Smerecki France Guingamp
1996 Denmark Elkjær, PrebenPreben Elkjær Denmark Silkeborg
1997 France Antonetti, FrédéricFrédéric Antonetti France Bastia
1997 France Lacombe, BernardBernard Lacombe France Lyon
1997 France Roux, GuyGuy Roux France Auxerre
1998 Germany Sidka, WolfgangWolfgang Sidka Germany Werder Bremen
1998 Italy Ranieri, ClaudioClaudio Ranieri Spain Valencia
1998 Italy Mazzone, CarloCarlo Mazzone Italy Bologna
1999 France Gasset, Jean-LouisJean-Louis Gasset France Montpellier
1999 Italy Ancelotti, CarloCarlo Ancelotti Italy Juventus
1999 England Redknapp, HarryHarry Redknapp England West Ham United
2000 Germany Rangnick, RalfRalf Rangnick Germany Stuttgart
2000 Italy De Canio, LuigiLuigi De Canio Italy Udinese
2000 Spain Fernández, VíctorVíctor Fernández Spain Celta Vigo
2001 England Gregory, JohnJohn Gregory England Aston Villa
2001 France Fernández, LuisLuis Fernández France Paris Saint-Germain
2001 France Perrin, AlainAlain Perrin France Troyes
2002 Spain Peiró, JoaquínJoaquín Peiró Spain Málaga
2002 France Tigana, JeanJean Tigana England Fulham
2002 Germany Magath, FelixFelix Magath Germany Stuttgart
2003 Germany Heynckes, JuppJupp Heynckes Germany Schalke 04
2003 Italy Cosmi, SerseSerse Cosmi Italy Perugia
2003 Spain Floro, BenitoBenito Floro Spain Villarreal
2004 Germany Heynckes, JuppJupp Heynckes Germany Schalke 04
2004 France Puel, ClaudeClaude Puel France Lille
2004 Chile Pellegrini, ManuelManuel Pellegrini Spain Villarreal
2005 France Gillot, FrancisFrancis Gillot France Lens
2005 France Fernandez, JeanJean Fernandez France Marseille
2005 Germany Doll, ThomasThomas Doll Germany Hamburg
2006 England Roeder, GlennGlenn Roeder England Newcastle United
2007 Netherlands Stevens, HuubHuub Stevens Germany Hamburg
2008 Portugal Jesus, JorgeJorge Jesus Portugal Braga

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