List of The Deer and The Cauldron Characters - Wu Sangui and Associates

Wu Sangui and Associates

  • Wu Sangui (traditional Chinese: 吳三桂; simplified Chinese: 吴三桂; Mandarin Pinyin: Wú Sānguì; Jyutping: Ng4 Saam1-gwai3) was previously a general of the Ming Dynasty. When he heard that his concubine Chen Yuanyuan had been seized by Li Zicheng, he is overwhelmed by anger and decides to defect to the Manchus. He opens Shanhai Pass and allows them to overrun the rest of China and drive away Li Zicheng's forces. After the Qing Dynasty is established he is conferred the title of "Prince Who Pacifies the West" (平西王) and given a fiefdom in Yunnan. He stages a rebellion against the Qing Empire later (see Revolt of the Three Feudatories).
  • Wu Yingxiong (traditional Chinese: 吳應熊; simplified Chinese: 吴应熊; Mandarin Pinyin: Wú Yìngxíong; Jyutping: Ng4 Jing3-hung4) is Wu Sangui's son. The Kangxi Emperor arranges for a marriage between Wu Yingxiong and Princess Jianning in a bid to strengthen ties with Wu Sangui. Wei Xiaobao is appointed imperial commissioner by the emperor to escort the princess to Yunnan and oversee the wedding. However, Jianning refuses to marry Wu Yingxiong and she castrates Wu and accuses him of molesting her. Wu Yingxiong is later sent to the capital as a hostage to ensure his father's loyalty to the Qing Empire. He is executed when his father starts a rebellion.
  • Xia Guoxiang (traditional Chinese: 夏國相; simplified Chinese: 夏国相; pinyin: Xià Guóxiàng) is the chancellor of Wu Sangui's fiefdom and Wu's son-in-law. He is conned by Wei Xiaobao into releasing the assassin who made an attempt on Wu Sangui's life.
  • Ma Bao (traditional Chinese: 馬寶; simplified Chinese: 马宝; pinyin: Má Bǎo)
  • Master Lang (traditional Chinese: 郎武師; simplified Chinese: 郎武师; pinyin: Láng Wǔshī)
  • Qi Yuankai (traditional Chinese: 齊元凱; simplified Chinese: 齐天凯; pinyin: Qí Tiānkǎi)
  • Yang Yizhi (traditional Chinese: 楊溢之; simplified Chinese: 杨溢之; pinyin: Yáng Yìzhī)
  • Zhang Guogui (traditional Chinese: 張國桂; simplified Chinese: 张国桂; pinyin: Zhāng Guóguì)
  • Zhu Guozhi (traditional Chinese: 朱國治; simplified Chinese: 朱国治; pinyin: Zhū Guózhì)
  • Gan Wenkun (Chinese: 甘文焜; traditional Chinese: 甘文焜; pinyin: Gān Wénkūn)
  • Wang Jinbao (traditional Chinese: 王進寶; simplified Chinese: 王进宝; pinyin: Wáng Jìnbǎo)
  • Sun Sike (traditional Chinese: 孫思克; simplified Chinese: 孙思克; pinyin: Sūn Sīkè)
  • Balangxing (Chinese: 巴朗星; traditional Chinese: 巴朗星; pinyin: Bālǎngxīng)

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