List of The Deer and The Cauldron Characters - Mystic Dragon Cult

The Mystic Dragon Cult (traditional Chinese: 神龍教; simplified Chinese: 神龙教; Mandarin Pinyin: Shén Lóng Jiào; Jyutping: San4 Lung4 Gaau3) is a martial arts sect based on Mystic Dragon Island (神龍島), located somewhere off the northeastern coast of China.

  • Hong Antong (Chinese: 洪安通; Mandarin Pinyin: Hóng Āntōng; Jyutping: Hung4 On1-tung1) is the cult's leader. He is killed during the cult's internal conflict.
  • Mao Dongzhu (traditional Chinese: 毛東珠; simplified Chinese: 毛东珠; Mandarin Pinyin: Máo Dōngzhū; Jyutping: Mou4 Dung1-zyu1) is Mao Wenlong's daughter. She is sent by the cult to infiltrate the palace and impersonate the empress dowager. She taught the Kangxi Emperor martial arts when the latter was still a boy. She flees from the palace when her cover is blown by Wei Xiaobao. She is eventually killed by the Gui family.
  • Liu Yan (Chinese: 柳燕; Mandarin Pinyin: Lǐu Yàn; Jyutping: Lau5 Jin3) is Mao Dongzhu's junior. She disguises herself as a palace maid. She is killed by Fang Yi.
  • Deng Bingchun (traditional Chinese: 鄧炳春; simplified Chinese: 邓炳春; Mandarin Pinyin: Dèng Bǐngchūn; Jyutping: Dang6 Bing2-ceon1) is killed by Wei Xiaobao.
  • Fat Monk (traditional Chinese: 胖頭陀; simplified Chinese: 胖头陀; Mandarin Pinyin: Pàng Tóutuó; Jyutping: Pun4 Tau4-to4) is the cult's "Fat Venerable" (Chinese: 胖尊者; Mandarin Pinyin: Pàng Zūnzhě; Jyutping: Pun4 Zyun1-ze2). He was once fat but gradually shrunk in size and becomes thin after being poisoned by Hong Antong. He is slain by Hong during the cult's internal conflict.
  • Thin Monk (traditional Chinese: 瘦頭陀; simplified Chinese: 瘦头陀; Mandarin Pinyin: Shòu Tóutuó; Jyutping: Sau3 Tau4-to4) is the cult's "Thin Venerable" (Chinese: 瘦尊者; Mandarin Pinyin: Shòu Zūnzhě; Jyutping: Sau3 Zyun1-ze2). He was once thin but gradually becomes fat after being poisoned by Hong Antong. He is the lover of Mao Dongzhu, and fathered Princess Jianning with her. He and Mao are both killed by the Gui family.
  • Lu Gaoxuan (traditional Chinese: 陸高軒; simplified Chinese: 陆高轩; pinyin: Lù Gāoxuān)
  • Zhang Danyue (traditional Chinese: 張淡月; simplified Chinese: 张淡月; pinyin: Zhāng Dànyuè)
  • Taoist Wugen (traditional Chinese: 無根道人; simplified Chinese: 无根道人; pinyin: Wúgēn Dàorén)
  • Zhong Zhiling (traditional Chinese: 鍾志靈; simplified Chinese: 钟志灵; pinyin: Zhōng Zhìlíng)
  • Yin Jin (traditional Chinese: 殷錦; simplified Chinese: 殷锦; pinyin: Yīn Jǐn)
  • Xu Yunting (traditional Chinese: 許雪亭; simplified Chinese: 许雪亭; pinyin: Xú Xuětíng)
  • Yun Sumei (traditional Chinese: 雲素梅; simplified Chinese: 云素梅; pinyin: Yún Sùméi)
  • Zhang Laosan (Chinese: 章老三; pinyin: Zhāng Lǎosān)

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