List of Systems Engineering Universities

List Of Systems Engineering Universities

This list of systems engineering at universities gives an overview of the different forms of systems engineering (SE) programs, faculties, and institutes at universities worldwide. Since there is no clear consensus on what constitutes a systems engineering degree, this list simply identifies the college and department offering degrees and the degrees offered.

Education in systems engineering is often observed to be an extension to the regular engineering courses, reflecting the industry attitude that engineering professionals need a foundational background in one of the traditional engineering disciplines (e.g. civil engineering, electrical engineering, industrial engineering) plus professional, real-world experience to be effective as systems engineers. Undergraduate university programs in systems engineering are rare.

Education in systems engineering can be viewed as Systems-centric or Domain-centric.

  • Systems-centric programs treat systems engineering as a separate discipline with most courses focusing on systems engineering theory and practice.
  • Domain-centric programs offer systems engineering topics as an option that can be imbedded within the major domains or fields of engineering.

Both categories strive to educate the systems engineer with capability to oversee interdisciplinary projects with the depth required of a core-engineer.

The International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) maintains a continuously updated Directory of Systems Engineering Academic Programs worldwide.

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