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The hybrid unborn child of Bes Jordan and Karala Ajiba. Messiah's existence is revealed when Karala and Joliver are transported by the Ide to the flagship of her father Doba Aijba; the Bairaru Jin. When she announces that she is pregnant with Bes's child, the series of events that unfold will lead to "Be Invoked"s tragic ending.

Even though in the womb, Messiah demonstrates enormous influence over the Ide such as producing miniature protective fields around his mother and anything within its range, and is capable of communicating with Piper Lou in a manner of telepathy. Such abilities lead to Cosmo and Kasha dubbing the child "Messiah", as it seems he and Piper Lou could be the trumpcards in manifesting, if not controlling the Ide's true strength.

Messiah seems to also represent a possibility of peace between the Terrans and the Buff Clan, but his mother's death at the hands of his aunt prevent his physical birth from ever becoming a reality.

After the destruction of the universe, Messiah spiritually leads the survivors of both races onwards to enlightenment, as their naked souls all collectively join to be "reborn" and witness the creation of a new universe.

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