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  • Mike Adamle - American football player - Northwestern Wildcats and NFL - also a television and radio sports reporter and WWE wrestling announcer
  • Tony Adamle - American football star - Ohio State Buckeyes and Cleveland Browns(member of 1950 and 1954 NFL Championship teams)
  • Frank Brimsek - ice hockey player
  • Bob Golic - American football star (Notre Dame Fighting Irish and NFL - Cleveland Browns, among other teams) - also an actor Saved by the Bell: The College Years
  • Mike Golic - American football star (Notre Dame Fighting Irish and NFL - Philadelphia Eagles, among other teams) - also ESPN radio personality and host on Mike and Mike in the Morning
  • Randy Gradishar - American football star (Ohio State Buckeyes and Denver Broncos)
  • John Gruden - ice hockey player
  • Eric Heiden - Olympic speed skater, winner of five gold medals at the 1980 Winter Olympics
  • Luke Hochevar - athlete, Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Wally Judnich - Baseball player
  • Joe Kuhel - Baseball player and manager
  • Les Kuntar - Ice hockey player
  • Ken Novak - American football player
  • Anton Peterlin - soccer player
  • Peter Vidmar - gymnast, U.S. team captain and winner of two gold medals and a silver medal in the 1984 Olympics, was the highest scoring gymnast in U.S. history (with a 9.89 average)
  • Fritzie Zivic - boxer
  • Mark Zupan - athlete, wheelchair rugby team captain

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