List of Slavic Cultures

This is a list of the cultures of Slavic Europe.

  • East Slavs:
    • Belarusian culture
    • Russian culture
    • Ruthenian culture
    • Ukrainian culture
  • South Slavs:
    • Bosnian culture
    • Bulgarian culture
    • Croatian culture
    • Macedonian culture (Slavic)
    • Serbian culture
    • Slovenian culture
  • West Slavs:
    • Czech culture
    • Kashubian culture
    • Lusatian culture
    • Polabian culture
    • Polish culture
    • Silesian culture
    • Slovak culture
    • Sorbian culture

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    Both cultures encourage innovation and experimentation, but are likely to reject the innovator if his innovation is not accepted by audiences. High culture experiments that are rejected by audiences in the creator’s lifetime may, however, become classics in another era, whereas popular culture experiments are forgotten if not immediately successful. Even so, in both cultures innovation is rare, although in high culture it is celebrated and in popular culture it is taken for granted.
    Herbert J. Gans (b. 1927)