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Springheeled Jack

A mage with an obsession with killing, he is named after the legendary London monster, Spring-heeled Jack, and acts in the same manner. Springheeled Jack is a hideous man who, like Sanguine, does not have traditional magic powers. Instead he is capable of leaping over great distances and haunts the roofs and streets of London at night looking for people to murder. He is apprehended by Tanith Low and imprisoned but is later freed by Billy-Ray Sanguine who asks him to kill a man working for the Sanctuary in London.

Jack later learns that Sanguine was working for Vengeous who wanted to bring back the Faceless Ones. Knowing how dangerous the Faceless Ones are, Jack does not want them free and is furious at having been tricked. He then defeats Dusk, unknowingly aiding Tanith meanwhile saving Valkyrie and running off to Italy.

Jack appears again in the fourth book, as a member of the Revengers Club. His aim is to kill Tanith Low.Dusk then gets revenge on Jack by leaving him to fight Ghastly and Anton Shudder.

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