List of Schedule 1 Substances (CWC) - Precursors


  • Alkyl (Me, Et, n-Pr or i-Pr) phosphonyldifluorides, e.g.
DF: Methylphosphonyl difluoride
  • O-Alkyl (H or 10, incl. cycloalkyl) O-2-dialkyl (Me, Et, n-Pr or i-Pr)-aminoethyl alkyl (Me, Et, n-Pr or i-Pr) phosphonites and corresponding alkylated or protonated salts, e.g.
QL: O-Ethyl O-2-diisopropylaminoethyl methylphosphonite
  • Chlorosarin: O-Isopropyl methylphosphonochloridate
  • Chlorosoman: O-Pinacolyl methylphosphonochloridate

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