List of Schedule 1 Substances (CWC) - Guidelines For Schedule 1

Guidelines For Schedule 1

The following criteria shall be taken into account in considering whether a toxic chemical or precursor should be included in Schedule 1:

  • It has been developed, produced, stockpiled or used as a chemical weapon as defined in Article II;
  • It poses otherwise a high risk to the object and purpose of this Convention by virtue of its high potential for use in activities prohibited under this Convention because one or more of the following conditions are met:
    • It possesses a chemical structure closely related to that of other toxic chemicals listed in Schedule 1, and has, or can be expected to have, comparable properties;
    • It possesses such lethal or incapacitating toxicity as well as other properties that would enable it to be used as a chemical weapon;
    • It may be used as a precursor in the final single technological stage of production of a toxic chemical listed in Schedule 1, regardless of whether this stage takes place in facilities, in munitions or elsewhere;
  • It has little or no use for purposes not prohibited under this Convention.

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