List of Protestant Authors

This list of Protestant authors presents a group of authors who have expressed membership in a Protestant denominational church or adherence to spiritual beliefs which are in alignment with Protestantism as a religion, culture, or identity. The list does not include authors who, while considered or thought to be Protestant in faith, have rarely expressed or declared their affiliation in a public forum. Anglicanism, which is a hybrid of Protestantism, Roman Catholicism, and Eastern Orthodoxy has not been included due to the diversified foundational beliefs of the church. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are also not included.

Criteria for inclusion on the list are those authors that have received worldwide recognition for their contributions in religious literature. Areas of specialty and denominations are added according to consensus, as needed. Current specialties include the following:

  • Allegory
  • Anthropology
  • Apologetics
  • Bibliology
  • Biography
  • Christology
  • Cosmology
  • Ecclesiology
  • Eschatology
  • Exegesis
  • Expository
  • Fiction
  • Hermeneutics
  • History of religion
  • Literalism
  • Memoirs
  • Phenomenology
  • Philosophy
  • Pneumatology
  • Poetry
  • Prophecy
  • Psychology
  • Screenwriting
  • Sociology
  • Soteriology
  • Teleology
  • Theodicy
  • Translations

The list of authors is categorized according to denomination.

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