List of Playing-card Nicknames - Single Cards

Single Cards

The following is a list of nicknames used for playing cards used in most card games which use the standard 52-card pack. Such games usually require the revealing or announcement of held cards, at which point the nicknames may be used.

Card Name Initial Alternative Names Collective Names
King K Cowboy, K-Boy, Knight, Monarch, Sergeant, Alexander (K♣), Charlemagne (K♥), Charles (K♥), David (K♠), Julius Caesar (K♦), One-Eyed King (K♦), the Man with the Ax (K♦), Suicide King (K♥), The Butcher of Baghdad (K♦) Coat Card, Court Card, Face Card, Figure, Liner, Paint, Paintskin, Picture, Picture Card, Redskin, Rembrandt, Royal Cards, Picasso Broadway Cards, Honor Card
Queen Q Bitch, Cowgirl, Dame, Lady, Girl, Hen, Joy Girl, Painted Lady, Whore, mop-squeezer, Bedpost Queen (Q♠), Argine (Q♣), Black Maria (Q♠), Calamity Jane (Q♠), Helen of Troy (Q♥), Judith (Q♥), Molly Hogan (Q♠), Pallas Athena (Q♠),Fanny Kaplan (Q♠), Stenographer
Jack J Boy, Bower, Fishhook, Hook, J-Bird, J-Boy, Jackal, Jackson, Jacksonville, Jake, John, Johnny, Johnson, Knave, Valet, Fish Hook, Eunuch (J♠), Hector (J♦), Ogier (J♠), La Hire (J♥), Lancelot (J♣), Pam (J♣), Roland (J♦), Bryce Courtenay (J♦)
10 T Big Cassino (10♦), Dime, Sawbuck, Bo Derek Spotter Whiteskin
9 9 Neener, Nina Ross, Niner, Curse of Scotland (9♦), Pothook, Scourge of Scotland (9♦) Pusher, Spot
8 8 Fat Lady, Ocho, Snowman, 8 Land, Time travel
7 7 Beer Card (7♦), Candy Cane, Hockey Stick, Mullet, Salmon, Walking Stick
6 6 A Boot, Grace's Card (6♥), Loyalty at the Risk of Death (6♥), Sax, Sex
5 5 Five Spot, Nickel, Pedro, Fever Wheelcard
4 4 Boat, Four Spot, One Legged Ace, Broken Ace, Sailboat, Sharp Top, The Devil's Bedpost (4♣)
3 3 Crab, Trey, Butts No-Spotter
2 2 Deuce, Dewey, Duck, Little Cassino (2♠), Swan, The Curse of Mexico (2♠)
Ace A As-Nas, Clover (A♣) Blackberry (A♣), Bull, Bullet, Death Card (A♠), Eyes, Mastercard, One Spot, Pig's Eye (A♦), Puppy Foot (A♣), Rocket, Seed, Sharp Top, Spadille (A♠), Spike, Spot, Tax Card (A♠) Broadway Cards, Honor Card

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