List of North Melbourne Football Club Coaches

List Of North Melbourne Football Club Coaches

There have been 33 coaches in the history of the North Melbourne Kangaroos, an Australian Football League club. The Kangaroos are based in North Melbourne, just 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) north of Melbourne metropolitan area. The North Melbourne Football Club was formed in 1869. It was purportedly established to satisfy the needs of local cricketers who were keen to keep themselves fit and healthy over the winter months. They entered the Victorian Football League (VFL) in 1925 after 48 years in the Victorian Football Association (VFA).

Wels Eicke became the first coach of the Kangaroos in the 1925 season, serving for two seasons before retiring after the 1926 season. In terms of tenure, Denis Pagan has coached more games (240) and seasons (10) than any other coach in the clubs history. He coached the Kangaroos to two AFL Premierships in the 1996 season and then again in the 1999 season. In terms of successfulness, Ron Barassi has been more successful (65.91% win/loss record) than any other coach in the club's history. There have been 7 coaches in the North Melbourne Football Club's history that have been inducted to the Australian Football Hall of Fame. There have been eleven captain-coaches in Kangaroos history. First, in 1925, coach Wels Eicke become the first captain-coach in Kangaroos history. He played only 21 games for the Kangaroos and coached 20 of those games. The current coach of the Kangaroos is Brad Scott.

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