List of NFL Nicknames - Fans


  • 49ers Faithful — Nickname given to the fans of the San Francisco 49ers.
  • 4th Phase - Fans of the Chicago Bears. Infers the fans are the 4th phase of the game, after Offense, Defense and Special Teams.
  • Bills Backers — Buffalo Bills fans. Because of the massive population displacement of Western New Yorkers, "Bills Backers Bars" can be found in almost every major city throughout the United States.
  • Bills Elvis - Entertainer and Elvis impersonator John R. Lang, who appears with a large white guitar that he uses as a billboard. He is one of the Bills' most recognizable individual fans.
  • Black Hole — Oakland Raiders fans who sit in a section of the Oakland Coliseum known as the 'black hole' (sections 104, 105, 106, and 107) which is mostly occupied by rowdy fans.
  • Cheeseheads — A name given to people of Wisconsin (mainly Packer fans) by Chicago Bears fans after the Bears won the Super Bowl. The name mocks Wisconsin's love of cheese. The name eventually gained acceptance.

"Cheeseheads" can refer to the "Packer Nation", being synonymous to Green Bay's massive diaspora of fans nationwide.

  • Chief Zee - Fan at nearly all Washington Redskins games since 1978 and considered the unofficial mascot of the team. He wears an Indian headdress, large rimmed glasses, with a red jacket and carries a tomahawk.
  • Fireman Ed — Fan at NY Jets home games who wears a green fireman helmet with a Jets logo on the front. Known for leading the "J-E-T-S" chants.
  • Franco's Italian Army — Fans of Pittsburgh Steelers running back Franco Harris.
  • Gerela's Gorillas — Fans of Pittsburgh Steelers placekicker Roy Gerela.
  • Giants Land - The fan base of the New York Giants. While not strictly referring to the just fans, Giants Land is commonly used to refer to the New York Giants organization as a whole, the fans, coaches, owners and players. For example, if the Giants suffer a bad lose one could say, "All is not well in Giants Land,".
  • Hogettes — A group of about twelve Washington Redskins fans who dress in drag and wear pig-noses. The name is a takeoff of the Redskins' "Hogs" offensive line.
  • Niner Empire - Fans of the San Francisco 49ers. Due to the 49ers Super Bowl dynasty of the 1980s and part way into the 1990s.
  • Packer Backer - Fan of the Green Bay Packers. Sometimes used derisively by Bears fans.
  • Pinto Ron - Ken Johnson, a well-known fan of the Buffalo Bills known for appearing at all the Bills' home and away games, his bushy beard, his tailgating on a 1980 Ford Pinto (hence his name), and the infamous practice of serving shots of liquor out of a bowling ball, a practice that the league has since banned.
  • Raider Nation — Oakland Raiders fans.
  • Steeler Nation — Pittsburgh Steelers fans.
  • SuperSkin — Die-hard fan of the Washington Redskins, who attends each home game dressed in a burgundy and gold superhero costume and motivates other fans to cheer loudly.
  • The Sea of Red — Nickname given to the loudest NFL fans of the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium.
  • The 12th Man — Nickname given to the fans of the Seattle Seahawks because of the impact of their loud cheering on the opposing team's offensive linemen, leading to false start penalties. In an official capacity, this nickname is licensed to the Seahawks by its original owner Texas A&M University at College Station. Used to a lesser extent by the Buffalo Bills.
  • Who Dat Nation - New Orleans Saints fans.

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