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The titular character of the Lufia series. In Fortress of Doom, Lufia is the childhood friend of Maxim's descendant (hereon referred to as the Hero). Upon arriving in Alekia at 9–10 years old, Lufia suffers from amnesia and is taken in by Roman, the innkeep of Alekia. Lufia is so happy with the Hero that she has not searched for clues to her years before the amnesia. In battle Lufia acts as the main magician, with more attack spells than Jerin, the game's other mage.

The plot twist to the game is that Lufia is in fact Erim, the Sinistral of Death. She is perhaps the most powerful and important Sinistral, as her existence can "revive" the other three Sinistrals regardless of their destruction. Upon her defeat by the hands of Maxim, Erim resurrected as Lufia at an unknown time. The hows and whys of the vast time gap between Erim's death and Lufia's rebirth are never explained, but it is speculated that since Sinistrals can only be defeated by the destruction of their unique energy patterns, Erim needed to rebuild herself piece by piece, which would explain the resurrection and the amnesia. It is quite possible that Lufia is a separate personality of Erim.

Erim only appears in the Fortress of Doom's prologue. Lufia is a kind, gentle girl who loves Maxim's descendant fiercely. She develops a rivalry with half-elf Jerin over the Hero. Having no memory of being Erim, Lufia throws the "lie" in Daos' face. Soonafter, Erim's memories possess and subjugate Lufia's and she temporarily becomes Erim. However, the Hero's voice breaks Erim's hold over Lufia, and she joins in the final battle with Guard Daos, the amalgamation of the three remaining Sinistrals. After the battle, Lufia still possesses Erim's memories, and begs the Hero to destroy her so Erim would never again possess her or revive her brothers. Her dying words were that she was much happier as Lufia than she ever was as Erim.

Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals

Erim appears to Maxim as Iris, a mysterious sorceress that can divine the future. It is upon her suggestion that Maxim seeks out the disaster visiting the world from the red comet and later the Sinistrals. Iris' role is to appear from time to time to offer advice and test Maxim's strength; however, she "disappears" without giving complete instructions and thus never tells the party the full truth.

Late in the game, it is revealed that Iris is actually Erim, and that she began Maxim's quest to decide which race was powerful enough to rule the planet. Iris has a tendency to offer too much help to Maxim. He was slated to die after Gades' first death, yet Iris teleported Maxim to Parcelyte instead. Additionally, when the death of Maxim's son Jeros would cement the foundations of Sinistrals' rule, she betrayed the Sinistral minion Idura by saving Jeros. Finally, when Maxim is trapped on the falling Fortress, Erim appears as Iris and allows access to the Island's Power Stones, which when destroyed alters the Fortress' path and saves Parcelyte. It is suggested that Erim develops her compassion as a side effect of being Iris. In the remake Cure of the Sinistrals she first appears during a fight Maxim has with Gades near the beginning of the game and save Maxim just as Gades was about to kill him. Also unlike the original she does not come and go but in fact travels with the party for most of the game.

The Legend Returns

Erim appears again as Seena. Unlike her previous incarnations, Seena is aware of her life as Erim and seeks her complete destruction so as to ultimately end the Sinistrals' threat against the world. In fact, everything from "meeting" and "choosing" the protagonist Wain (who is in fact a descendant of Maxim) as her ward, to the many trials the party goes through is orchestrated by Seena, in order to strengthen the party to the point where they become powerful enough to destroy her.

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