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The World of Lone Wolf Gamebooks

All four World of Lone Wolf books were written by Ian Page. In 2005 the gamebooks were made available for free download at Project Aon .

The series plays for the most part at the tip of south-eastern Magnamund, in the land then known as the Shadakine Empire, and features Grey Star, a human that was raised by the Shianti, a race of semi-gods.

According to a 2008 interview with Joe Dever, Grey Star was actually the principal character that Ian Page played in Dever's D&D campaign in the late 1970s. Since Ian Page had created a detailed backstory for Grey Star and fleshed out many aspects of southern Magnamund, Joe Dever convinced him to write a four-book story arc centered on this character, and to include his contributions in the Magnamund setting.

Name Release date
Grey Star the Wizard 1985
A tyrant called Shasarak the Wytch-King has subjugated the people and with the help of seven Shadaki Wytches is ruling with an iron fist. The Shianti, members of a mystical race, wish to help, but because of their exile on the Isle of Lorn they are forced to remain neutral in the conflict. However, one night the situation changes when a storm wrecks a vessel near the island, with a human infant being the only survivor. In this child the Shianti see a chance to help the people of Magnamund without breaking their vow to Ishir, and they raise the boy in the arts of magic, giving him the name Grey Star: the star as the symbol of hope, and grey for the white-grey streak the boy has in his dark hair. Once his training is complete, Grey Star is sent out to retrieve the Moonstone, an ancient Shianti artefact, from the Daziarn, for only with its power can Shasarak be defeated
The Forbidden City 1986

The Second installment of the World of Lone Wolf series takes place after Grey Star has found the Lost Tribe of Azanam. Grey Star begins his journey with the aid of a Kundi mystic named Urik, and journeys through Desolation Valley, beyond the Mountains of Morn. There, he makes new allies, faces new dangers, and helps to stoke the flames of a fledgling rebellion against the Shadakine Empire, all in a desperate attempt to find the Shadow Gate and travel through it to the Daziarn plane and retrieve the Moonstone of the Shianti.

Beyond the Nightmare Gate 1986

In an attempt to find the lost Moonstone of the Shianti and destroy the Shadakine empire, Grey Star made his way to the location of the Shadow Gate and beyond into the realm of the Daziarn itself. The Daziarn is a shadow realm with many strange beings and fearsome creatures inhabiting it. Grey Star is forced to travel across the gray plains of the Neverness to find the Moonstone but comes upon an unexpected ally; Tanith, the young witch apprentice who became his companion in Grey Star the Wizard and was kidnapped by Shasarak's demonic servant. With her help, he must retrieve the Moonstone and find a way to return to Magnamund if the Wytch-King is to be defeated.

War of the Wizards 1986

In this, the final installment of the World of Lone Wolf, Grey Star and Tanith have just completed a harrowing quest in the Shadow realm of the Daziarn. Upon retrieving the Moonstone, the two return to Magnamund to find the forces of good and evil poised on the brink of final conflict. Shasarak has enlisted the aid of the dreaded demon lord Agarash the Damned in order to eradicate the resistance movement once and for all. Battling their way through hordes of demons and undead minion, Grey Star and Tanith must struggle to rejoin the Freedom Guild, defeat the forces of the Wytch-King, and fulfill his destiny and promise to the Shianti.

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