List of Korn Band Members - Official Band Members - Current


Jonathan Davis
Active: 1993-present
Instruments: Lead vocals, bagpipes, drums
Release contributions: all Korn releases
Davis was recruited from the fellow local band Sexart by the rest of the original band members to join the band which was named briefly Creep. After Davis joined the band the group quickly changed their name to Korn.
Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu
Active: 1993-present
Instruments: bass, backing vocals
Release contributions: all Korn releases
Arvizu played in a number of different bands with high school friends Brian Welch, James Shaffer, Ty, and David Silveria including L.A.P.D., however due to vocalist Richard Morrill's drug addiction the band fell apart in the early nineties, and the remaining members recruited Davis as their new lead vocalist. In 2012, Mudvayne bassist Ryan Martinie filled in for Fieldy at several Korn dates as Fieldy spent time with his wife who had given birth to their third child.
James "Munky" Shaffer
Active: 1993-present
Instruments: guitar, backing vocals, mandolin, lap steel
Release contributions: all Korn releases
Shaffer was one of four members of the band who previously played with L.A.P.D.. Since Brian Welch's departure from the band in 2005 Shaffer is the only official guitarist of the band while all other guitarists that have played with the band have been members of the back-up band. In 2008 Shaffer left the band temporarily to spend time with his ill father.
Ray Luzier
Active: 2007-present
Instrument: drums, percussion
Release contributions: "Kidnap the Sandy Claws" (2008), Korn III: Remember Who You Are (2010), The Path of Totality (2011).
Luzier reportedly flew to Seattle to audition for Korn with Munky and Fieldy. When told to learn only five of their songs, Luzier learned thirty. Not only did he perfect their studio versions of each song, but the live as well. After an audition such as this, the band immediately invited Ray to join the band. Luzier played his first show with Korn on January 13, 2008 in Dublin, Ireland.
  • Jonathan Davis

  • Reginal "Fieldy" Arvizu

  • James "Munky" Shaffer

  • Ray Luzier

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