List of Kanon Soundtracks

List Of Kanon Soundtracks

Kanon is a visual novel developed by Key and published by Visual Arts in 1999. The story follows Yuichi Aizawa, who has returned to the town where seven years ago he would spend his school vacations, but has forgotten many of the details regarding his previous visits. Over the course of the series, Yuichi slowly regains these memories as he meets new friends and is reacquainted with others from his past. It was adapted by Toei Animation into a 13-episode anime television series broadcast in 2002 along with an accompanying original video animation episode released in 2003, both directed by Takamichi Itō with music direction by Hiroyuki Kōzu. Kyoto Animation also adapted it into a 24-episode anime television series broadcast between 2006 and 2007 directed by Tatsuya Ishihara with music direction by Shinji Orito. The discography of Kanon and its anime adaptations consists of one compilation album, three singles, three soundtracks, and three remix albums.

The core of the discography is the three original soundtrack albums. The visual novel's soundtrack, which was also used for the second anime series, was produced by Key Sounds Label and released in 2002. The music on the soundtrack was composed and arranged by Jun Maeda, Shinji Orito and OdiakeS. Two soundtracks were released for the first anime series in 2002 produced by Movic. The music on the anime soundtracks was composed and arranged by Hiroyuki Kōzu, Kōji Ueno, and Shinji Orito. Two remix albums were released for the visual novel in 1999 and 2003, and a remix album was released for the first anime series in 2003. A compilation album for the visual novel featuring previously released remixes was released in 2001. Three singles were released, one each for the visual novel and both anime series, covering the opening and endings themes of each media type.

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