List of International Australian Rules Football Tournaments

Australian rules football is a sport played in a handful of countries around the world.

Note that this list does not include the International Rules Series and tests between Ireland and Australia, which is played in International Rules Football and not Australian Rules Football.

Note also that tournaments and matches may differ from traditional Australian Football in terms of the ground used, the number of players fielded on a team and the number of Australian expatriates permitted to participate. Of these tournaments, the Australian Football International Cup currently has the most strict player eligibility rules and adherence to the Laws of Australian Football.

The following is a list of past and present international tournaments where the sport is or has been played:

Tournament Regions / Countries Years of International Competition Frequency Website
49th Parallel Cup USA vs Canada 1999- Annual
Arafura Games (only a demonstration sport) Asia Pacific 1999- Biennial
Asian Australian Football Championships (primarily expat) Asia Pacific 2000- Annual
Atlantic Alliance Cup North Atlantic 2001- Theoretically triennial, although lack of interest in 2004 and 2007, means it has only ever been held once.
Australian Country Championships Australia, New Zealand 2006- Annual
Australian Football International Cup Worldwide 2002- Triennial
Bali Nines Oceania 2002- Annual
Barassi International Australian Football Youth Tournament Worldwide 1998- Triennial
Bermuda Australian Rules Football Championships North Atlantic 2007 (Postponed indefinitely) unknown
Central European Australian Football League Championships Central Europe 2003–2004 N/A
Dubai Nines Middle East 2007 unknown
EU Cup Europe 2005–2007–2008 Annual
Four Nations Cup Southeast Asia 1999- Annual
Jubilee Australasian Football Carnival Australasia 1908 N/A
Narita Cup Asia 1996- Annual
Northern Cup England, Scotland 2003- Annual
Oktoberfest Cup Denmark, France, United Kingdom 1997- Annual
Tri-Nations Tournament Germany, Denmark, Sweden 2006- Annual
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