List of IBM Products

List Of IBM Products

The following is a list of products, some notable, some less so, from the International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation and its predecessor corporations, beginning in the 1890s, and spanning punched card equipment, time clocks, and typewriters, via mainframe computers and minicomputers, to microprocessors, software, and more.

This list is eclectic; it includes, for example, the AN/FSQ-7, which was not a product in the sense of offered for sale, but was a product in the sense of manufactured - produced by the labor of IBM. Also missing are RPQs, OEM products (semiconductors, for example), supplies (punched cards, for example). That products are missing is not by fiat, but simply because no one has added them.

IBM sometimes used the same number for a system and for the principal component of that system. For example, the IBM 604 Calculating Unit is a component of the IBM 604 Calculating Punch.

IBM also use two different naming structures for products. Each hardware product is normally given a 4 digit machine type (normally a decimal number that can range from 0001 to 9999) and a 3 digit model number (can be a mix of letters and numbers). However a product is also normally given a marketing name. So for instance a 2107 is the machine type associated with the product marketed by IBM as a System Storage DS8000. While the majority of products are listed here by machine type, there are instances where only a marketing or brand name are used. Care should also be taken when searching for a particular product or machine type as sometimes they overlap. For instance the IBM storage product known as the Enterprise Storage Server used a machine type of 2105, while the IBM printing product known as the IBM Infoprint 2105 used a machine type of 2705 so searching for an IBM 2105 could result in two different products being found.

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