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Main Characters

Casey Cartwright Spencer Grammer Year: Alumna Major: English Position(s) Held: Pledge Educator (former), Rush Chair (former), Delegate to Pan-Hellenic (retired), Interim President (former), House mother (former)
Casey is the female protagonist and Rusty’s popular and enterprising older sister. Introduced as a big time power player at ZBZ with presidential aspirations, Casey was troubled at the presence of her nerdy brother Rusty. Over time, the siblings become closer with Casey guiding Rusty through the inner workings of the Greek world. Casey grows more selfless and courageous oftentimes sticking her neck out for the sorority or for one of her sisters in need. Her tenure as president motivates her to focus more on her future. She decides to enter the world of politics and upon graduation; Casey is set to start law school. However, she was ready to put off her goals for Cappie, her first love and the focus of many love triangles throughout the series. Though she desires to be with Cappie, Casey chooses her future and loses Cappie in the process. At the end of the series, she reunites with Cappie with whom she leaves law school and moves to Washington, D.C.
Russell "Rusty" Cartwright Jacob Zachar Year: Junior Major: Polymer Science Position(s) Held: President, "Revenge Chair" (former), Pledge Educator (former), Rush Chair (former)
Rusty is the male protagonist and Casey’s socially awkward younger brother. A stereotypical geek, Rusty began his freshman year looking to shed his image and have fun. He finds himself among the rowdy brothers of the Kappa Tau fraternity with the nickname of “Spitter”. Rusty is given a crash course on partying by big brother Cappie and over time he loses some of his naiveté. However, he still retains his optimistic and honest personality which is refreshing to his friends and to Casey who begins to see Rusty in a different light. When he becomes an active, Rusty is quick to earn Cappie’s trust and take on some responsibility. He assumes the position of pledge educator and was the mastermind behind Kappa Tau’s revenge plot against Omega Chi. Though he started off as a dateless virgin, Rusty like Casey has been a part of a few love triangles. His duties at Kappa Tau and active social life have caused problems for Rusty academically but he manages to balance the two together even winning a lucrative grant. He begins a new relationship with Ashleigh and takes Cappie's place as KT President in the series finale.
Evan Chambers Jake McDorman Year: 1st Year Law School Major: Pre-Law Position(s) Held: President (former), Pledge Educator (former), Delegate to IFC (former)
A charismatic overachiever, Evan was often the center of attention as he was born into a wealthy and prominent family. He strives to please those around him but feels manipulated because of his affluence. Evan declares his independence and relinquishes his trust fund leaving him struggling to make ends meet. Though Evan can be benevolent and noble at times, he has shown a much darker side. This is often towards his old childhood friend Cappie and his brothers at Kappa Tau, who call him "Bing" since freshmen year. A love triangle between Cappie, Evan and Casey was the catalyst for the rivalry between their respective houses. Though Evan and Cappie attempted an alliance, house loyalties proved too much for Evan to overcome. He however maintains a tentative friendship with his ex-girlfriend Casey and has a strong advocate in Calvin. He also finds a kindred spirit in Rebecca. However, during the 4th season Rebecca and him break up when she feels he is pulling away from her. With some help from Rusty, he begins to reconcile with his parents.
Captain John Paul "Cappie" Jones Scott Michael Foster Year: Alumnus Major: Philosophy Position(s) Held: President (former), Pledge Educator (former)
Originally uninterested in Greek life, Cappie rises to become the president of the unruly Kappa Tau. “Cappie” is actually a nickname and his real name is "Captain John Paul Jones" which was finally revealed during the last five minutes of the series finale. His carefree and fun loving personality hides a very sharp mind. Despite that, Cappie has no actual goals and no intentions of leaving Kappa Tau which he considers his home. The only time Cappie considered moving on is for his first love Casey. Casey and Cappie dated in their freshman year but Cappie’s partying ways conflicted with the more ambitious Casey. Ultimately, Casey left him. Cappie never recovered from losing Casey and as a result he was unable to maintain any serious relationship afterwards. The two start to reconnect when Cappie takes Rusty on as his little brother. Along the way, Casey and Cappie reconcile but history repeats itself and they split up once again. Cappie and Casey later decide to give their relationship another try. Following Cappie's "accidental" graduation, he and Casey relocate to Washington, D. C..
Rebecca Logan Dilshad Vadsaria Year: Junior Major: Psychology Position(s) Held: President, Pledge Educator (former)
A sophisticated but rebellious sister, Rebecca was distinguished among her rush class as her father was a prominent senator. Rebecca’s aloof and cynical attitude did not endear her to big sister Casey as they quickly become rivals. When her father is publicly disgraced, Rebecca begins an out of control downward spiral and reveals a much hidden vulnerable and lonely personality. When she was on the brink of expulsion due to her wild antics, it was Casey who came to her aid which instills a newfound respect between the two. Rebecca begins to actively contribute to the sorority in an attempt to prove herself and find her own identity. She uses her political savvy to have Ashleigh elected president and was a mole for ZBZ. She becomes more compassionate though still can be brash at times. Her actions convince Casey to leave the sorority in her hands. Rebecca and Evan develop a relationship due their similar privileged yet dysfunctional backgrounds. However, Rebecca’s self destructive tendencies threatened to ruin their newfound romance. She breaks up with Evan during season 4. In the episode Legacy, her potential reconciliation with Evan is hinted.
Ashleigh Howard Amber Stevens Year: Alumna Major: Marketing Position(s) Held: President (former), Social Chair (former)
Known for her outrageous fashion sense and ditzy personality, Ashleigh is Casey’s best friend since their freshman year. She often played a supporting role in Casey’s endeavors. Her kind nature endeared her to most but also made her a pushover. Ashleigh is thrust into the spotlight when she is unexpectedly elected president. Though she lack Frannie’s drive or Casey’s wit, Ashleigh strives to break away from the old traditions of ZBZ. In the process, she becomes more assertive to the surprise of many. With Casey’s encouragement, Ashleigh leads ZBZ to reclaim their position as the top sorority on campus. Even though Ashleigh has been successful with the presidential seat, she has had difficulty in the dating world. A recurring theme for Ashleigh is her poor choices in men. Though she tried to keep positive, her last relationship has made her more doubtful. Despite that, Ashleigh is looking forward to graduation as she accepted an internship as a trend forecaster in New York. In the second episode of season 4, Ashleigh returns to CRU, due to her not being able to cope with her internship and quiting, and moves back into the ZBZ house with Casey. She develops feeling for Rusty. She and Rusty begin a relationship in the episode Legacy.
Calvin Owens Paul James Year: Junior Major: Accounting Position(s) Held: Omega Chi President (former)
Calvin is an athletic legacy who is also one of Rusty’s closest friends. Calvin’s ability to adapt to most situations led Rusty to shadow him during rush. However, this was a defense mechanism to hide the fact that Calvin is gay but desires to be accepted by those around him. Through his relationships, Calvin begins to feel more comfortable with his sexuality especially after it becomes public knowledge. He identifies with Rusty as they both feel like outsiders. Though it has been difficult at times, Calvin and Rusty maintain their friendship even when their respective houses are at war. This often causes conflict with his big brother Evan with whom Calvin shares a mutual respect as it was Evan who defended Calvin’s sexuality to Omega Chi. He in turn keeps Evan’s ego in check especially when it comes to Rusty. Calvin becomes the key in Rusty’s revenge plan—namely, to make Calvin the president of Omega Chi. His term as president is short-lived, as when the Omega Chis learn about his involvement in Kappa Tau's beach week prank, they lose their trust in him. He resigns and is replaced by Trip as interim president. In the series finale he declares a major as well decides to go to India for a semester abroad.
Dale Kettlewell Clark Duke Year: Junior Major: Electrical Engineering Position(s) Held: ZBZ Hasher, Omega Chi Pledge
Dale is Rusty’s neurotic, religious zealot roommate and he is also in the same Honors Engineering program. Initially, Dale despised the Greek system even forming an organization to protest their very existence at Cyprus-Rhodes. He tried to self-righteously steer Rusty away from Kappa Tau but usually found himself mixed up in Rusty’s predicaments. Through Rusty, Dale begins to interact with different Greeks. He quickly befriends Calvin despite his borderline homophobic beliefs. He forms a close bond to the rowdy Cappie based somewhat in their mutual feelings for Casey. Dale even takes a job as Zeta Beta’s hasher, in the process becoming a den mother of sorts to the sisters. His conservative views begin to change and Dale starts to come out of his shell even losing his virginity. Though he is true to his faith, Dale becomes inspired by Rusty that there is more to college than just studies. In the 4th season, he becomes an Omega Chi pledge.
Frannie Morgan Tiffany Dupont Year: Alumna Major: Pre-Med Position(s) Held: ZBZ & IKI President (former), Pledge Educator (former)
A driven former sister, Frannie strives to be the best in everything and rose to become the president of the most popular house on campus. Her biggest admirer was her little sister Casey even though Frannie put her goals ahead of their friendship. Her obsession of keeping ZBZ’s # 1 spot led to her eventual downfall as Frannie was stripped of her title due to deceit surrounding Jen‘s article. Though she was resentful at first, she supported Casey as the new president. However, it did not stop her from trying to regain power. Her many machinations involving Casey, Ashleigh and Rebecca proved unsuccessful, so Frannie conspires with Evan to start a new sorority Iota Kappa Iota. Though IKI proved to be a formidable threat; the sorority was bust. Frannie disbands IKI and leaves the Greek system for good. She returns in the penultimate episode of season 4 to assist Rebecca.

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