List of Geelong Football Club Players

List Of Geelong Football Club Players

Since becoming a foundation club of the Victorian Football League (VFL)—which is now known as the Australian Football League (AFL)—in 1897, there have been 1037 players who have represented the Geelong Football Club in a senior VFL/AFL match. A senior VFL/AFL match is an Australian rules football match between two clubs that are, or were at the time, members of the VFL/AFL. A senior VFL/AFL match is played under the laws of Australian football, and includes regular season matches, as well as finals series matches. It doesn't include pre-season competition matches, interstate matches or international rules football matches. The list is arranged in the order in which each player made his debut for Geelong in a senior VFL/AFL match. Where more than one player made his debut in the same match, those players are listed alphabetically by surname.

Geelong's first game was played against the Essendon Football Club at Corio Oval in Geelong, Victoria. In this game they scored three goals and six points for a total of 24 points, and were defeated by Essendon who scored seven goals and five points for a total of 47 points. Geelong has contested 18 VFL/AFL Grand Finals, and have succeeded in winning nine of these Grand Finals to claim the VFL/AFL premiership for those years. Their first premiership was won in the 1925 VFL Grand Final, with the most recent premiership being won in the 2011 AFL Grand Final. There have been 123 players who have played in a premiership-winning side for Geelong.

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