List of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Characters - Other Playable Characters - in Crimea - Haar


Haar (ハール, Hāru?, Germany: Darahan) was once a Dracoknight of Daein who was attached to Shiharam's fleet; before this, he was a member of the Begnion Dracoknights. Along with Shiharam, he left for Daein due to the senate's corruption. After Shiharam died in the Mad King's War, Haar began flying across the continent as a cargo carrier. He becomes involved in quelling the Crimean rebellion when Marcia pressures him into defending Elincia and Leanne, and he later helps Ike during the Begnion-Laguz war. He takes a very calm, nonchalant attitude to the world, and he constantly has trouble staying awake. At the end of the game, if Jill and Haar have an "A" rank support, he will marry her.

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