List of Film Director and Cinematographer Collaborations

List Of Film Director And Cinematographer Collaborations

The following is a partial list of notable film director and cinematographer collaborations. The list consists of films, organized by film director and for each director, organized by the cinematographer(s) with whom he or she worked repeatedly, surely more than twice.

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Read more about List Of Film Director And Cinematographer Collaborations:  Jon Favreau & Matthew Libatique, Miloš Forman & Miroslav Ondrícek, Marc Forster & Roberto Schaefer, Cary Fukunaga & Adriano Goldman, Antoine Fuqua & Mauro Fiore, Tony Gilroy & Robert Elswit, D.W. Griffith & Billy Bitzer, Christopher Guest & Roberto Schaefer, Paul Haggis & J. Michael Muro, Catherine Hardwicke & Elliot Davis, Michel Hazanavicius & Guillaume Schiffman, Oliver Hirschbiegel & Rainer Klausmann, Mike Hodges & Michael Garfath, Hughes Brothers & Lisa Rinzler, John Hughes & Donald Peterman, Nicholas Hytner & Andrew Dunn, Alejandro Jodorowsky & Rafael Corkidi, Rian Johnson & Steve Yedlin, Spike Jonze & Lance Acord, Mike Judge & Tim Suhrstedt, Philip Kaufman & Michael Chapman, Aki Kaurismäki & Timo Salminen, Richard Kelly & Steven Poster, Takeshi Kitano & Katsumi Yanagishima, Satoshi Kon & Hisao Shirai, Hirokazu Koreeda & Yutaka Yamazaki, Francis Lawrence & Jo Willems, Mike Leigh & Dick Pope, Jerry Lewis & W. Wallace Kelley, Baz Luhrmann & Donald McAlpine, Terrence Malick & Emmanuel Lubezki, James Mangold & Phedon Papamichael, Richard Marquand & Alan Hume, Neil Marshall & Sam McCurdy, Rob Marshall & Dion Beebe, Steve McQueen & Sean Bobbitt, Fernando Meirelles & César Charlone, George Miller & Dean Semler, John Cameron Mitchell & Frank G. DeMarco, Pierre Morel & Michel Abramowicz, Mike Newell & Michael Coulter, José Padilha & Lula Carvalho, Chan-wook Park & Chung-hoon Chung, Michael Polish & M. David Mullen, Brett Ratner & Dante Spinotti, Jason Reitman & Eric Steelberg, Eli Roth & Milan Chadima, M. Night Shyamalan & Tak Fujimoto, Bryan Singer & Newton Thomas Sigel, David Slade & Jo Willems, Kevin Smith & Dave Klein, Zack Snyder & Larry Fong, Andrei Tarkovsky & Vadim Yusov, Billy Bob Thornton & Barry Markowitz, Tom Tykwer & Frank Griebe, Matthew Vaughn & Ben Davis, Jean Vigo & Boris Kaufman, The Wachowski Brothers & Bill Pope, Marc Webb & Eric Steelberg, Apichatpong Weerasethakul & Sayombhu Mukdeeprom, Len Wiseman & Simon Duggan, Joe Wright & Seamus McGarvey

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