List of File Systems - Special Purpose File Systems

Special Purpose File Systems

  • archfs (archive)
  • aufs an enhanced version of UnionFS stackable unification file system
  • AXFS (small footprint compressed read-only, with XIP)
  • Barracuda WebDAV plug-in. Secure Network File Server for embedded devices.
  • Boot File System was used on UnixWare to store files necessary to its boot process.
  • Cascade File System – provides file system access to Subversion and Perforce repositories and caches their contents locally
  • cdfs (reading and writing of CDs)
  • Compact Disc File System (reading and writing of CDs; experimental)
  • cfs (caching)
  • cvsfs (presents the CVS contents as mountable file system).
  • Dokan LGPL FUSE for Windows analog
  • compFUSEd (overlay transparent read-write compression, FUSE based)
  • FuseCompress (overlay transparent read-write compression, FUSE based)
  • Cramfs (small footprint compressed read-only)
  • Cromfs is a user-space (FUSE based) read-only filesystem using an efficient LZMA compression algorithm.
  • Davfs2 (WebDAV)-
  • Freenet – Decentralized, censorship-resistant
  • FTPFS/CurlFtpFS (ftp access)
  • GmailFS (Google Mail File System)
  • lnfs (long names)
  • mhddfs - Join several filesystems together to form a single larger one
  • mini fo (The mini fanout overlay file system) – Redirects modifying operations to a writeable location called "storage directory", and leaving the original data in the "base directory" untouched. When reading, the file system merges the modified and original data so that only the newest versions will appear. Most prominently used in OpenWrt
  • MVFS – MultiVersion File System, proprietary, used by Rational ClearCase.
  • MTFS – stackable file system, reliability improvement mechanism for Lustre and other file systems based on replication.
  • nntpfs (netnews)
  • ParFiSys (Experimental parallel file system for massively parallel processing)
  • pramfs - Protected and Persistent RAM Filesystem
  • RAIF Redundant Array of Independent Filesystems - stackable RAID-like file system
  • romfs
  • SODA: a Lease-based Consistent Distributed File System - (early 1990s)
  • SquashFS (compressed read-only)
  • SysmanFS (based on FUSE, a virtual file system for cluster system management)
  • tmpfs in-memory temporary file system (on Linux platforms).
  • UMSDOS - FAT file system extended to store permissions and metadata, used for Linux
  • UnionFS - stackable unification file system, which can appear to merge the contents of several directories (branches), while keeping their physical content separate
  • Venti - Plan 9 de-duplicated storage used by Fossil.
  • wikifs (Plan 9) (wiki wiki)
  • WDK.VFS - SiteAdmin CMS Virtual File System introduced by Evgenios Skitsanos
  • Datalight Reliance - transactional file system for 32-bit embedded systems from Datalight, Inc.
  • ERTFS ProPlus64 - it comes with integrated Failsafe operation, it contains a default journaling mode.
  • WBFS - Wii Backup FileSystem
  • whefs - Embedded Filesystem is an open source C library implementing an embedded/embeddable filesystem.

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